Getting to campus Day 1

Scenes of my morning commute

Istanbul is a big city even for someone like me who is familiar with it and can speak the language. getting to Sariyer was a bit daunting.  Koc University is located at the hills of Sariyer, which used to be a fishing village at the far northern edge of the Bosphorus.

Coming from city center Taksim / Sisli / Mecidiyekoy area, the Metro is the fastest and easiest way to get as close to the school as possible (this much I already knew.) On the M2 Sishane – Haciosman, I got off at the last stop.

There was supposed to be a shuttle to school but we had just missed it so we had to ask around to see what other bus we could take to make it on time to our orientation at 10.

It turns out that there is a bus no. 150 (HACIOSMAN METRO-SARIYER-RUMELİ FENERİ)  that goes directly to Koc Campus but we had just missed that as well. They told us to take the next bus that was passing thorough Sariyer no. 151 (HACIOSMAN METRO-SARIYER-DEMİRCİKÖY-KİLYOS)

We got off at Sariyer by asking the locals where we had to get off in order to take the minibus to Koc. They not only pointed out the DURAK (bus stop) but also the person responsible for organizing the schedule. We had to wait for about 5 minutes before we were off.

The bumpy ride up the hills took us around very interesting neighborhoods – there were luxury villas next to small, makeshift houses situated in a pastoral landscape. Finally we arrived at our destination. It took me an hour and ten minutes to get there but every minute of it was worth it.


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