First thing to do as soon as you arrive!

I think the most important thing any visitor to Istanbul should do is to buy an Istanbulkart as soon as they arrive. Istanbulkart is the equivalent of a metrocard in NYC.  It costs 6 TL to purchase one which can be accomplished at any kiosk near a metrostation or a bus-stop.  The price of a one way ride on any public transportation is 1.95TL but with a metrocard the transfers are reduced as follows –
1. Transfer: 1,25 TL
2. Transfer: 1,00 TL
3. Transfer: 0,75 TL
4. Transfer: 0,75 TL
5. Transfer: 0,75 TL

The other big advantage is being able to hop on a bus when there are no taxis available – unfortunately, Istanbul is a typical big city when it comes to finding a cab – they are never around when you need them.


2 responses to “First thing to do as soon as you arrive!

  1. This is good to know — thanks! It will definitely come in handy next time. I’m not sure what you mean, though, about the transfer prices — does it work the way it does here — you can get a transfer within a certain amount of time, so you get another ride for less? Sorry, I’m feeling dense.:) Thanks!

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