All the wonderful people you can meet along the way…

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One of the best things about studying abroad is the great variety of people you meet during your stay.

I met Dilara on the first day of classes- we are in two classes together. She is a fourth year Archaeology and History of Art major at Koc.  I must admit to being really impressed when she told me she had just gotten back from a dig in Batman and couldn’t stop myself from drilling her with all sorts of questions. Dilara prefers to be a field archaeologist and is hooked on the thrill of discovery.

On her first dig, they were looking for artifacts from 1st – 3rd century BC and after working for days without finding anything on the 5th day… she came across a pin and a bronze filter (used when making beer)  She says her first thought was “I am making history!”   As it turns out although they had found fragments of filters before, this was the first intact filter that was found and now they could figure out what it was used for.  Her second find was a glazed ceramic…

Dilara not only regaled me with her experience working on a dig but also her favorite places to hang out – one of which, I found out was Rock-y  a rock bar in Taksim.  She says she can’t wait to go back to Batman to continue working in the dig next summer but until then she is enjoying her senior year at Koc.  After talking to Dilara I realized that not only was she “making a contribution to history” but also proving that archaeologist can also be very cool too…


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