Road trip to Thrace

If you are already bored of the city or want to explore more of Turkey, one very easy way is to just drive out towards Thrace It is an easy drive, you get on TEM, (Trans-European Motorway) towards Edirne and just drive for about three hours. It is a lovely drive, going parallel to the Marmara Sea at certain points and then through fields of cornflowers. saroz yol aycicekler II

Once you get to Kesan, if you continue for another 30 km you will end up in Ipsala, the border to Greece. We turned towards Kesan and continued towards the Gulf of Saroz, passing through typical villages where all you see are goats and the random shepherd. The only people to be seen were the men sitting in the kahve (the Traditional Turkish coffeehouses that can be found in the middle of every village and even most urban neighborhoods.) Later when we asked if we could get fresh eggs we were told that there weren’t any because it was the season to make noodles. This also explained where the women were – home making their noodles for the season. So, it was no eggs, no women but great weather and lots of beautiful views.

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Map of Thrace(from google maps)

Map of Thrace


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