Kebab and Roman history… all in the same bite

We wanted to get something to eat. Nothing fancy… just a lahmacun and maybe kebap of some kind. So we decided to go to Oz Kilis in Fatih district of Istanbul. This place is your typical hole-in-the-wall type of place but the real people from Kilis swear by it. There is a great review in Istanbul Eats.

So we left our apartment in Sisli and passed by Unkapani which also happens to be where the Aqueduct of Valens is, built in 368 by the Roman emperor- no big deal. Then we passed by a bank, any random bank, but! it was the ‘Kiz Tasi” branch! Kiz Tasi is the Column of Marcian(The Roman emperor r. 450-57). I made a mental note to find it after we had dinner.

The food was incredible as always. I especially loved the Kunefe made with shredded Kadaifi pastry. As we were leaving I asked our waiter where Kiz Tasi was. It turned out to be a couple of blocks down.

And, we finally found it! It stood in the middle of the street, not making much sense but still it was the Column of Marcian , husband to my favorite empress, Pulcheria and it stood right before me.

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At the end of the day it was just a little outing to grab a bite to eat…No big deal… just your typical things you run into in Istanbul


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