The Covered Bazaar

For most people the Covered Bazaar (Kapali Carsi) is a place to buy or view jewelry. For me it is a place full of kaleidoscope of colors, smells and sounds. I like to just get lost in it and enjoy all the different colors and merchandise from knock-off Todd’s bags to carpets and tiles to my favorite, lamps, surround me, and take me away to a magical world. I love kidding around with the aggressive salesman standing outside their doors trying every trick in the book to lure me into their store – they usually have a great sense of humor. And the great Turkish food to be had inside or around the Bazaar only adds to the appeal. After some shopping (window or otherwise) one must not forget to enjoy a cup of strong Turkish coffee before leaving this world of wonders…

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Getting to the Covered Bazaar is really easy. I usually take the metro line T-1 from Kabatas stop (first station) to Cemberlitas stop (but the train did not stop here the last time – maybe because it was the middle of the winter) or the Beyazit stop. The entrance is right there but you can ask anyone and they can point you in the right direction. It is also very close to SultanAhmet or there are some nice mosques (depending on which door you come out of) and even the remains of Theodosius’s forum within walking distance…

Istanbul Metro Map

Istanbul Metro Map


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