My own neighborhood… Sisli

Sisli Camii (Mosque)

Sisli Camii (Mosque)

I just realized I haven’t written anything about my own neighborhood in Istanbul.  I am living off-campus, in a little apartment in the center of town, Sisli. It is very close to Taksim and the public transportation to get anywhere in the city is really great. The one drawback might be the daily commute of an hour each way to and from Koç. 

But the best part of living here is the familiarity one gets to feel with one’s surroundings… the restaurant around the corner where I have lunch whenever I get home before they close, the greengrocer who saves me a kilo of my favorite black figs when he gets a special delivery, the guy who parks the cars on our street who greets me every morning as I am running to the metro stop… It’s the people who make me feel like I have come home that I love encountering on a day to day basis. This is the typical life on a small neighborhood in a very big city.

The most prominent icon of Sisli is probably the mosque that stands literally in the middle of this part of town. Ask anyone living in Istanbul and they could point you towards (give you directions to get to) this mosque. So I am including a photo of this well-known 20th century mosque which stands in the middle of a major intersection in Sisli.

The corner of our street

The corner of our street


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